Macbeth: A Modern Ecstasy

Macbeth (A Modern Ecstasy) is a radical reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, directed by Travis Preston and performed by Stephen Dillane - known for his work on London and Broadway stages as well as in countless films. In this incarnation, the entire performance text of Macbeth became a “score” for a single performer.

Dillane performs the entire text of Macbeth, accompanied by a trio of musicians led by jazz luminary Vinny Golia. In Preston’s vision, the stage becomes a nocturnal landscape with Dillane as magician of the unconscious, conjuring Shakespeare’s tragic masterpiece from the recesses of the mind. Both medium and shaman, Dillane undergoes continual transformation possessed by the myriad characters and ulterior forces of this starkly powerful work. Dillane haunts the stage, an eerie environment of black sand and designed by Christopher Barreca to create an elemental intimacy, doomed to inhabit the tormented visions of Macbeth’s consciousness.

Macbeth (A Modern Ecstasy) was developed at the 2004 Sundance Institute Theater Lab.

REDCAT, Los Angeles, 2004
Almeida Theatre, London, 2005
Adelaide Festival, Australia, 2006
Sydney Theatre, Australia, 2006