Brewsie & Willie

Presented by CalArts Center for New Performance in association with Poor Dog Group.

Gertrude Stein based her text for Brewsie and Willie on encounters with G.I.s in Paris at the end of World War II, and this powerful adaptation reveals how relevant it remains today. A disparate group of American soldiers and nurses wait in limbo to return to their homeland and an uncertain future: What work will they have? What will America’s future be? And what is their place in it?

Under the direction of Travis Preston, timeless concerns of a post-war generation are vibrantly embodied by members of performance collective Poor Dog Group to explore the hearts and minds of a generation for which “home” has ceased to be familiar. Set in an empty loft against the backdrop of downtown Los Angeles, this layered production draws live-feed video and original music into the mix.

“This is essential theater, if anything is,” said the Stage and Cinema review. “It is evidence, in fact, that miracles are indeed possible in the theater. Yes, it’s a miracle, pure and simple. That’s what it is.”

Premiered 2010
June, 2011 RADAR LA Festival